WikiMSK One Year Anniversary

It has been a year since WikiMSK launched in June 2020. The website was presented at the NZAMM conference in Wellington in October 2020 to very positive reception. Although there are 15 registered users, there is still only one primary content writer. WikiMSK needs writers and peer reviewers from the NZAMM and AAMM to achieve its goals.

WikiMSK is dedicated to the practice and study of Musculoskeletal Medicine in New Zealand and Australia. It is primarily for fellows, registrars, and members of the NZAMM and AAMM, as well as General Practitioners. The aim is to provide a central location for Musculoskeletal Medicine information that is accurate, readable, reliable, accessible, and up-to-date.

We have between 150-300 content pages in variable states of completion. Website use has been growing continuously. In the month of May 2021 we had 3,041 unique page views. The most popular pages are Cluneal Nerve PainSlipped Rib SyndromeTMJ PainCauda Equina Syndrome, and Dermatomes. The private trainee section of the wiki also gets regular use.

If you are able to donate your time to writing or peer reviewing articles then please contact Jeremy Steinberg:

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