Rose Hellaby Medical Scholarship Fund

A charitable trust was set up by Rose Hellaby in 1959 to provide scholarships to registered medical practitioners for research and/or post-graduate training and experience in rheumatic disease, physical medicine and manipulative treatment overseas. More information and instructions for application are provided here

Applications must be submitted by 31 March and 30 September each year and are then reviewed and awarded by the Board of Governors.

The Rose Hellaby Medical Scholarship Fund has contributed , since 1959 to overseas training and research undertaken by Rheumatologists and Musculoskeletal Physicians, It has also contributed to the cost of visiting speakers to conferences in New Zealand. In the last two years ( 2020-2021) during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board has agreed to fund virtual speakers and the provision of AV services to allow virtual attendance at conferences in lieu of funding scholarships for overseas training and speakers. We are thankful for their support.

Dr Barrie Tait , founder of the PG Dip MSM, was one of the early scholars to train in the UK.

Dr Grant Thompson has submitted a description of his experience in 1994-1995.

“I was fortunate to be a recipient of a Rose Hellaby Trust scholarship in 1994-1995. In the 1980’s, the NZAMM was strongly grounded in manual therapy. There were over-subscribed weekend courses, and then four week-long courses with weekend refreshers, as well as courses conducted by visiting speakers such as Jiri Dvorak and Karel Lewit. Even though those courses were more comprehensive than what we offer today, I found it difficult to incorporate the skills learnt back into day to day practice.

The London College of Osteopathic Medicine (LCOM) offered an immersion training for experienced doctors. It is based on a clinic founded in 1927 immersed on the American osteopathic medicine principles incorporating both allopathic and osteopathic methods as an alternative to the prevailing British (Littlejohn) approach of avoiding all allopathic treatment. (Ironically, Littlejohn fell out with AT Still, the founder of US  Osteopathic Medicine, over his wish to combine allopathic and osteopathic diagnosis and treatment but was blocked by the strong British medical establishment on his return to the UK leading to the diversion of British from American osteopathic medicine). Pre-requisites for my doing the course included being at least five years post-registration and completing an entrance examination. There was an initial intense five week course on technique, followed by supervised treatment of patients within the clinic, with regular technique sessions over the next year with internal written and practical assessment before the final assessment by the General Osteopathic College of Great Britain. Whilst based in London, I also completed and passed the City & Guilds and University of Greenwich Education for Teachers of Complementary Medicine course paper I.

The time spent at the LCOM has been immensely valuable to me ever since in practice and I am indebted to the Rose Hellaby trust for the support given.

When I searched the Rose Hellaby Trust on line recently, I read about her trust set up for education of young Māori but not the musculoskeletal trust. I understand that she set the MSK trust up with the principle aim of giving New Zealand medical practitioners the opportunity to travel and learn manual skills. The trust has frequently supported our local meetings, and trainees in other vocational groups have been recipients of the scholarships but, disappointingly, I am the only doctor who has travelled to learn manual techniques overseas.

If you wish to further your education in manual therapy or musculoskeletal medicine, I would strongly encourage you to make an application to the Rose Hellaby trust.”

NZ LCOM graduates 08/09/2003 Ilya Chemeris (Kazakhstan graduate, working as an Osteopath in West Harbour); Annabel Carter, NZ Grad, working in Bermuda, Grant Thompson, (the late) Syd Choy (ex Papakura)


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