General Practitioners with a Special Interest in Musculoskeletal Medicine

NZAMM is actively involved in the Education of its members, General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals in all aspects of Musculoskeletal Medicine. It is also responsible for training it’s members in treatments which are safe, and where possible, evidence-based. There is training available in hands-on assessment and treatment methods for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. NZAMM can provide you with access to CME and peer support. Please complete a membership application form to ensure you are informed about training opportunities. For further information talk to one of our members or email

NZAMM is a registered CME provider for the RNZCGP.

NZAMM is expanding its educational Role for GP members. This will include

    • Clinical Mentorship:- Fellows of the Association have offered individual clinical support to GP members. This is an informal process, mostly conducted online or if necessary by phone.
    • Musculoskeletal Peer Review:- Regular such meetings are planned with one or two specialists being present as required. The Association uses Zoom via the Internet.
    • Practical Workshops:- These have always been successful in the past and more are planned.

At a national level, there are a number of regular ongoing activities to which GPs are welcome including

      • Annual Musculoskeletal Conference (alternately NZ and Australia) Usually associated with workshops and a “Retreat”
      • NZAMM/ AFMM Retreat Weekends three times a year. Much of the time is spent on clinical discussion, peer review and case presentation. Members only.
      • Yearly Practical Workshop to enhance manual and rehabilitation skills.

To access these, go to the Events and Conferences page and contact the relevant organiser

Listed on another page of the website are the current members, their geographical location, and qualifications. From this database, it is possible to find the medical practitioners in your area involved in Musculoskeletal Medicine. If you have a special interest in Musculoskeletal Medicine, and are a member of NZAMM a listing can be made available for your practice. Alternatively, you can contact us at

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