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150 Glasgow St, Whanganui, 4500

Dr Gajendra Singh is a musculoskeletal physician and pain specialist, and has an extensive background in orthopaedic surgery in various positions over the last 22 years.

From 1992 onwards, he has worked overseas; initially, in England and then in Ireland for a couple of years; and then coming to New Zealand 12 years ago where he has worked in Palmerston North and Wanganui hospitals.

After experiencing frustration with conditions that failed to provide positive surgical solutions for patients, Dr Gajendra Singh embarked on a quest to help these patients.

He undertook his Masters in pain medicine in Australia, and obtained a fellowship from the Australasian Faculty of Musculoskeletal medicine. He is a member of the International Spine Intervention Society (ISIS) and has an interest in pain intervention. Since 2011, he has worked fulltime in private practice in his clinic, MSM Pain Clinic, in Wanganui

Dr Singh employs a variety of approaches when it comes to pain management/treatment, using medication or surgery as a last resort. He identifies the cause of the pain and then addresses the pain issue in a way that aims to benefit the patient in the long run.