Message from Dr Peter McKenzie CPD Convenor December 2020

I have recently taken over from Grant Thompson as Chair of the CPD committee.

We all love undertaking CPD so much that the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ)  is planning changes to the Recertification requirements that will be implemented in July 2022.

To increase the Christmas cheer I will summarise the proposed changes .


Currently the NZAMM undertakes, and will continue to undertake, its Recertification programme through BPAC. This has been successful and approved with the MCNZ.

CPD requirements have changed over time and will continue to do so

Currently One needs to develop a Professional Development Plan. CPD)

Minimal Yearly requirements:

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME): 20 hours
  • Peer Review: 10 hours
  • Annual conversation ( with peer, colleague or employer)- new for this year

Minimal requirements every 3 years:

  • Practice visit ( Put on hold due to COVID in 2020)
  • Patient feedback
  • Colleague feedback
  • Cultural competency (5 hours minimal)
  • Update CPR ( Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) certificate
  • Essentials ( On-line knowledge open book quiz. It is to encourage familiarity with the domains of Competence as described in Good Medical Practice, various NZMC statements and Cole’s Medical Practice in NZ- all available on line. One can undertake this on-line as many times as needed to achieve correct answers.)- new for this year.


Proposed Changes:

CPD will be divided into three categories :

  1. Reviewing and reflecting on practice
  2. Measuring and improving outcomes
  3. Educational activities (continuing medical education – CME)

Doctors should use the information gathered from undertaking activities and from their structured conversation, to inform the development and ongoing maintenance of a professional development plan (PDP).

The key change is the change in emphasis – that is,  it is trying to make CPD relevant on the doctor’s actual work and workplace settings. It is also trying to make the PDP an everchanging, evolving document to reflect the actual work that is occurring.

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