May Newsletter

An annual tradition in the Department of General Surgery at Middlemore Hospital has been the Anzac Address, given by Andrew Connolly (Council’s previous Chair) on the Thursday immediately preceding Anzac Day. This tradition has been in place since 1999. A different theme is chosen each year; this year the theme revolves around Covid-19 (and it mentions Trainee Interns). Instead of being in person this time, the talk has been uploaded to YouTube.

I asked Andrew if he was happy for me to share it with you and he agreed. I hope you may find it of interest.

Andrew Connelly ANZAC addressAndrew Connelly ANZAC address

NZAMM Fees 2020-2021

All of you will have received an account from Liam Denton, our new accounts administrator. Thank you to those who have already paid that account!
The information and rationale for the charge was attached to your account but in case you missed it is again attached here.
Thank you for continuing to support NZAMM.

NZAMM Fees and Letter Year ending 310321- Current V7

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